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The Lake Powell contributions are varied and far reaching.

Water  is the #1 Recreational Activity in America.   Recreation constitutes 10.5% of all consumer spending and contributes over $350 billion annually to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

It's estimated that $180 billion of recreation GDP is generated by visitation to federally managed public land.  To read more on this subject, visit:

Fact Sheet on  Lake Recreation

Overview of the National Recreation Lake Study

Hydro-power plays a major role in the effort to reduce greeenhouse gas emissions.  So far, power from the Glen Canyon Dam has prevented the release of over 320 billion pounds of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

This number continues to grow with each passing year of operation.

Clean Power Generation

Federally-managed manmade lakes provide many of America's public opportunities to fish, camp, boat, swim, observe wildlife, hike, or simply rest and enjoy being outdoors.  To read more:

Outstanding Recreational Opportunities

The unemployment rate on the Navajo Indian Reservation exceeds 50%.  Lake Powell

Provides jobs for rural northern Arizona, the Navajo and the Hopi Indian Reservations

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Nothing defines the West more than its lack of water and regularly occuring droughts.  To read more:

Protection from Drought

Lake Powell has created almost 1,900 miles of shoreline.  Birds and other  wildlife are taking advantage of this new riprarian habitat.  To read more:

Creates Wildlife Habitat